Our Passion, Believes and Direction forward


WHO is HuiShan

HuiShan is a Chartered Accountant (MIA) turned Business Coach. Upon obtaining an Accounting degree from RMIT, Australia, she worked for more than 17 years with several international and public listed companies in Singapore and Malaysia to gain valuable experience in corporate planning, accounting, administration, human resource and management.  


One day, Huishan received her retrenchment letter and this incident changed her life. From being a happy employee, she lost confidence in the employment system. What else, if not employment? She took the plunge to start her business coaching and consultancy company.


Life as a mum-preneur was every tough. Juggling between family and start-up business was a constant challenge. Looking back, she felt that it was “a blessing in disguise” because she can use her personal experiences to better relate to her clients and help them to overcome their challenges too.


Over a period of 15 years as a Business Coach, HuiShan has helped hundreds of SME business owners and their managers to grow their businesses to the next level. She specializes in bringing sustainable growth into the fluid and dynamic SME environment via successful implementation of accounting and operating systems and development of winning teams.


HuiShan's Passion


Helping business startup has always been HuiShan’s passion. She believes that entrepreneurship can change the life of many families. The entrepreneurial spirit of being focused to achieve, never give up and continuous learning can be applied not just in business but in personal lives too. In turn, empowered individuals will inspire their family and community too, making this world a better place to live in.


A business idea is not enough to be turned into a successful business.  HuiShan has developed structured programs to help business owners to plan, develop action plan and track progress to enable many to fast-track their business success and to avoid mistakes made by others. Some of her programs includes Business Planning for small businesses, Business DNA for Success and Finance for Non Finance.


Personal financial management is also another area that is closed to HuiShan’s heart. A subject not taught in our formal education but yet it is so important in our daily lives. HuiShan believes that many personal and family problems can be resolved when money is not a challenge. HuiShan likes to conduct financial literacy training as part of her contribution to help the Malaysian community.

HuiShan believes that everyone has a desire to improve themselves, however “change is not easy” when the “Why” is not clear. Hence, in all her training and coaching, HuiShan is keen to help all to discover or have a deeper understanding of how the change will benefit them.  A firm commitment to “WHY”, makes the “HOW” much easier to achieve, especially in this internet age and to overcome the challenges faced during the change.



HuiShan working with dedicted business partners

HuiShan also believes that we cannot be an expert in all areas of expertise, hence the importance to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with quality business professionals, in order that we can leverage on each other's expertise to achieve more individually and collectively.


She is a proud member of Business Network International (BNI), a regional trainer and work closely with other members to support each other in their growth.


Lots of business owners and individuals have benefited from her sessions. 


HuiShan is happy that she can play a role into facilitating that positive change.
She has learned a lot from everyone too. For that, she is totally grateful.