Our Vision

We believe the purpose of having a successful business is to empower ourselves and others.

This starts with the RIGHT BUSINESS CULTURE that support personal growth and risk taking, in the pursuant of more sales and profit.

Happy organisations have higher engagement with clients and contribute directly to the bottom line.

  • Improve productivity by 12% compared to norm and 22% compared to unhappy peers
  • Outperform competitors by 20%,
  • Close more sales by 37%
  • Likely to retain as good employees


Our Mission

We provide structured COACHING and TRAINING to help SME Business Owners and their Managers in the areas of

  • Gain clarity on their personal and business goals
  • Align personal goals with those of the organization
  • Determine the Gaps that is required to achieve business goals
  • Create or re-structure existing business model to enable achievement of business goals.
  • Breakdown the Action Plan into small milestones
  • Focus to achieve the desired results of each milestone via training and coaching


Our Core activities

We work with a group of dedicated business partners to provide

(1) Business Coaching

Peer2Peer Coaching : Provide a "safe" environment that business owners can get business advise and support from fellow business owners.

Read more: https://smeempowerhub.com/training/Peer2Peer)

Start-up Business Coaching : Help new business owners to undergo a mindset shift from employee to entrepreneur, avoid start-up mistakes, overcome challenges and hold them accountable to achieve desired results.

Read more: https://smeempowerhub.com/training/entrepreneur-success-program


(2) Management Consultancy

Provide consultancy services for medium-sized companies, in the areas of marketing, finance, corporate planning, administration, human resource and IT.

  • Business Diagnostic – analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats
  • Business Remodeling - enhance on exisitng business model, to increase sales and profitability
  • Business Planning – 90 days plans for Marketing, Team, System, Leadership

Read more: https://smeempowerhub.com/training/business-plan

Training & Coaching

  • Customise leadership and management training programs based on company’s requirements.
  • Coach Managers to apply training knowledge to a pre-determined project.
  • Hold trainees accountable to achieve the desired results.

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(Note: Trainings are HRDF claimable.)