Finance for Non Finance - Corporate Training (3 days)

Business Owners who want to learn about Personal and Business Financial Management.
“Accounting is easy when you know how”


THE CHALLENGES before Training

  • Many people are uncertain about their current financial situation.
  • Many people want to improve their personal and business financial situations but not sure how to do it
  • Fear is a common reaction when dealing with figures & money.
  • Yet, understanding of financial numbers is very important because “figures don’t lie”.

THE SOLUTION after Training

  • Gain clarity on personal and business financial situation with a plan for improvement.
  • Overcome fear of accounting figures
  • Understand how to interpret financial statements
  • Make informed decisions based on accounting figures


Day 1 : Understand Your Personal Financial Situation

  • What is your personal financial situation?
  • How can you improve it?
  • How much do you need for a desired financial goal?
  • FunWork: Build a personal financial plan for your future.


Day 2 : Understand Your Business Financial Situation

  • Understand how to analyse a simple financial statement
  • Distinguish between profit and cash
  • How to do costing?
  • How to do cashflow projection?
  • FunWork: Build your business plan for success


Day 3 : Analysis of Your Business Plan

  • What is your business plan?
  • Pitch your business plan to your class
  • Ideas on how to improve on your business plan?
  • 90 days business plan for success

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