Financial Literacy Made Easy

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Financial Literacy Made Easy



Covid 19 has brought a lot of hardship for many Malaysians because we are unprepared for it.

But for those with ready cash, this is an opportunity to invest for greater returns with the economy opening soon.


Hence the importance to gain knowledge about Financial Literacy (i.e. a person's knowledge and application of personal finance concepts), especially in the areas of

  • Understanding the time/money trade-off and retirement planning
  • Budgeting/planning what to do with your money
  • Tracking expenses and paying off debt
  • Investing in a diversified portfolio
  • Protection of your money

To be more prepared for any unforeseen financial challenges in our lives.

Covid 19 pandemic is not over yet. This pandemic would not be the 1st pandemic and it would not be the last too. We cannot control the unknown but we can only learn to be more prepared to face the unknown.





By the end of this programme, participants will be able to:

(a)       understand time/money trade-off

(b)      prepare a personal financial budget

(c)       learn about savings, debt reduction, investment and protection of personal finances

(d)      personal risk adversity

(e)       the availability of different investment assets




(a) Online learning / face to face training

(b) Visual aids

(c) Group Discussions


Course Duration

1 day


Course Outline:


Morning: Personal financial planning

  • Learning how to save vs asking for more money
  • Difference between saving now and saving later
  • Understand what should be done differently to achieve different financial results
  • How to reduce debts, control spending and start saving
  • How to protect your savings
  • Activity: Determine your financial goal
  • Activity: Prepare personal budget to achieve financial goal


Afternoon: Investment

  • Activity: Personal Risk Assessment
  • Align investment assets to investment experience and risk profile
  • Understand suitable investment for start-up investors – shares, bond, unit trust, property, insurance
  • Understand common investment terminology - Robo Advisor (eg- Stashaway), Crowdfunding (eg - Funding societies) and Bitcon investment (eg - Luno)
  • Be careful - when the return on investment is too good to be true



Target Participants:

This course is suitable for individuals who are determined to acquire financial knowledge to plan their personal finances to achieve their desired financial goals.


Things required:

  • Computer
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel
  • Access to Internet and Zoom

Date 02-Nov-2021
Time 09:00
Venue Online
Fee RM580.00